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The choir is sometimes divided from the nave of the cathedral by a wide medieval pulpitum screen constructed of stone and in some instances carrying a large pipe organ [4]notably at Exeter, Gloucester, Lincoln, Norwich, Rochester, St Albans, Southwell, Wells and York.

Pisa Cathedral from the " Leaning Tower " shows the Latin Cross form, with projecting apseforeground and free-standing baptistry at the west. Gloves, when worn, were cut at the knuckles to show the rings beneath. This arrangement may be seen at Salisbury, Winchester and Rochester.

Although all cathedrals gathered donations from worshippers and pilgrims; in practice major building campaigns were largely, or entirely, funded from the accumulated wealth of the bishop and the chapter clergy. A relic might be a body part, a saint's finger, a cloth worn by the Virgin Mary, or a piece of the True Cross.

Transept[ edit ] The transept forms the arms of the church building. The floodplain of the Gothic cathedral resembles the shape of a cross. Holly Hayes, Art History images Pilgrimage churches can be seen in part as popular desinations, a spiritual tourism of sorts for medieval travelers.

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The goal was to get large numbers of people to the relics and out again without disturbing the Mass in the center of the church. The ribbed vaulting became more complicated and was crossed with lierne ribs into complex webs, or the addition of cross ribs, called tierceron.

The essence of Gothic style was most fully developed in its conquest of space and its creation of a prodigious, visionary scale in the cathedrals of the twelfth century. Flying buttresses have a straight upper surface and a curved lower surface. The 12th century left its signature on higher education, on the scholastic philosophyon European systems of law, on architecture and sculpture, on the liturgical dramaon Latin and vernacular poetry The first example is Byzantine architecture which featured large domes and vaults that would come to represent the order of the universe.

It also meant that windows had to be small and few. The result of the Gothic style is distortion as there is no fixed set of proportions in the parts. The epoch of the Crusadesof the rise of townsand of the earliest bureaucratic states of the West, it saw the culmination of Romanesque art and the beginnings of Gothic ; the emergence of the vernacular literatures ; the revival of the Latin classics and of Latin poetry and Roman law ; the recovery of Greek sciencewith its Arabic additionsand of much of Greek philosophy ; and the origin of the first European universities.

When money was readily available, cathedral works could proceed with great speed. Otto's assumption of this ecclesiastical power brought him into close contact with the best educated and ablest class of men in his kingdom. The architectural structure of the Abbey of SST.

In parts of Eastern Europe there are also round tower-like churches of the Romanesque period but they are generally vernacular architecture and of small scale.


Romanesque art can be described as a fusion of several styles such as Roman, Byzantine, and other Germanic styles. It had no predetermined proportions or number of parts, like the Roman temple or the centrally planned church of the Renaissance.

Churches of the Greek Cross form often have a narthex or vestibule which stretches across the front of the church.The Goths were a so-called barbaric tribe who held power in various regions of Europe, between the collapse of the Roman Empire and the establishment of the Holy Roman Empire (so, from roughly the fifth to the eighth century).

They were not renowned for great achievements in architecture. The last medieval art style was the Gothic art style which lasted from the 12th century up to the 16th century.

The Gothic style revolutionized architecture by innovating structural designs such as the adopted of "ribbed vaults" which were intersecting roof sections that allowed more stability as well as being lighter than previous designs.

Shane Temple Extra CreditAs the population of Europe grew in the 12th century, the churches that had been built in the Roman style with round, archedroofs became too small. Some of the grand cathedrals, that were built as large as possible, collapsed within a century or less of.

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Essay about The Seven Different Styles of Gothic Architecture - Introduction The 12th Century saw the move away from the Romanesque architecture which had typified the preceding centuries to the era of the great Gothic cathedrals which were to become the architectural symbol of the middle ages.

The beauty and elegance of Gothic. Free coursework on Cathedrals Of The 12th Century from, the UK essays company for essay, dissertation and coursework writing. The Essay on Gothic architecture and romanesque architecture never been seen since. English cathedrals combine the art of Romanesque and Gothic architecture.

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